In the beginning

Welcome to Otteq. This is where I’ll be posting articles and tutorials about electronics and my own projects.

In the future there will be a shop where you’ll be able to buy various modules and pieces of equipment designed and built by me.

Who the hell am I?

Glad you asked. My name is Alex and I’m an EE working in Romania. I decided to start this whole adventure because I got bored (great reason, I know).

My plan for this venture

  1. Publish articles on how I solved different problems in my projects
  2. Provide a forum for discussion on EE topics
  3. Have a place to sell the things I design and build

Oh boy another pay-to-read bait and switch website

I don’t intend to ever ask for money to share any knowledge I have. The shop will be there strictly for people who enjoy the convenience.

 Comments are closed. Censorship!

That’s what the forum is for. I just like that format more than the blog comments. There is no censorship here. Illegal content will, however, be deleted for obvious reasons.

You can also reach me at admin at otteq d0t ro.

More to come soon…


EDIT: Comments are open. The forum will be opened if/when there’s a point to it. Same for the shop.